February 26, 2012

Edward Lifegem defeats Firecat Alley! (W101 UK)

My life character finally defeated Firecat alley! I am planning on leveling my character on the game, and blogging about my adventures throughout the areas and worlds I have to level through. So far my character has completed Triton Avenue, Unicorn Way, and Firecat Alley. The next area to complete is Cyclops Lane!

Ready to defeat Alicane!

My life is doing great so far! I almost died though when I was fighting Alicane though. I had only 33 health left and I didn't know if I would make it or not. I am very glad I had a pixie though. If I didn't I would have to start the fight again. That's a great thing about the life school, you can heal :)

Thank you Pixie!

After healing Alicane hit me one last time with a Firecat and I hit him with a Thunder Snake finally defeating him! I am very glad I finally complete firecat alley because on the US server I had trouble in this area, I even died a few times.. Glad I have better luck on the UK server :)

Firecat- Alicane's last hit!

Thunder Snake defeats Alicane :)

Thanks Headmaster!

Thanks for reading everyone! Make sure to keep reading for more adventures around the spiral! Wish me luck also on not dying during a battle :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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