February 3, 2012

Edward Lifegem receives Gnomes! (W101 US)

My life character finally reach level 68 to receive his gnome spell! It took forever after all of the collect quests in Zafaria. Here are a few photos of Edward Lifegem finally receiving his spell!

Defeating the boss with Seraph!

Getting the book, for my spell.

My quest to summon Gnomes

Summoned Gnome! 

Finally earning my spell

Summoning him the first time!

I think the ghost is worried!

End of the post! My next goal would be leveling to 70! Making a new post about that tomorrow, hopefully :)

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

1 comment:

The Brave Pyromancer said...

ack I wish I could get rain of fire, I got the quest but no crowns to visit the area.