February 17, 2012

Edward Wintergem defeats Celestia!

My ice character Edward Wintergem finally defeated Celestia! I haven't had a chance to level much on my ice character, and the last time I truly started leveling on my ice was last Winter. I am glad I finally defeated this world on my ice character, the next character to go through this world is Edward Mythgem. He is just about done with Celestia.

My ice character has been stuck in Celestia over a year now! I need to start leveling on the game like I did last year. I haven't had a chance to being so busy. The next world to level in is Zafaria. I don't know if there are any UK wizards reading so I won't mention much about Zafaria in this post. I will give a post on Zafaria when it's released in Wizard101 UK :) I actually can't wait to get to Zafaria because I get to level with Autumn Winterbreeze- Autumn Dreamwalker! I am sure anyone can say that it is very boring leveling alone in the game sometimes, so now I get to level with Autumn and it won't be very boring :) I will be giving a post when I reach level 70 on my ice character. Oh and talking about level 70, my life character finally reached level 70 in Zafaria! I think a few wizards on my list noticed that :) Well, its time to end this post because I have another post I will be typing soon. Oh and here one photo of ending Celestia. I couldn't find anymore photos because I have taken plenty of photos and lost all of my adventures on my ice. So here is the last photo :)

Thanks for reading :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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