February 24, 2012

Ice School Celebration (W101 UK)

Hello Wizards! Today was the Ice School Celebration in Wizard101 UK! I made it late though since the United Kingdom is 6 hours ahead of me and I was confused on time. I logged in right when the race ended. I think the Wizard101 UK staff is great for having so many contests!

During this contest/ fun event, there was a race in Colossus Boulevard. You had to run in the middle of the street, and if you got caught you would have to finish the fight. If you went on the sidewalk you would be disqualified. Fleeing or teleporting to a friend would disqualify you too. 5 wizards won crafted Ice school treasure cards. Congratulations to all of the winners! Here is a photo of most of the Wizards, and moderators of the race who attended this race!

I want to say that Wizard101 UK has great contests! Every single contest they have is always fun! Thanks for having this for all of the community :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Oh and if you can, go like Wizard101 Uk's Facebook page, they are about to reach 2000 likes!

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