February 3, 2012

Mason Swiftblade's Interview!

Time for another interview with Mason Swiftblade! Thanks again for accepting this interview request Mason. If you all don't know Mason, he runs a blog called The Life of a Wizard- http://masonswiftblade.wordpress.com/ - a great Wizard101 UK fansite. I posted about this blog a couple of times so far, Its a great blog to read, and gives a lot of information about what's going on in Wizard101 UK, and a lot of information about new contests they are having. Don't forget to check out his blog! Now to the interview questions!

Question 1)
When did you start Wizard101, and what did you like about it once you started playing?

I started playing Wizard101 in 2008, when the game first came out. I was about 8 or 9 then. I found out about it when I was for another game called Toontown. I accidentally clicked the Wizard101 ad and when I saw it, I liked it! I decided to start playing. My first wizard was life. I accidentally deleted him ( I trained balance, storm and some other random wizard101 spells lol) and started my death wizard on the US server and he's now level 60. As you know, I also have my ice character on Wizard101 UK, who is legendary too. 

Question 2)
What was your first favorite spell?

If you mean my first favorite spell, it must have been ghoul. I loved the fact that you could attack an enemy and get health back for yourself :) At the moment, my favorite spell has to be Frost Giant :D I love its animation! 

Question 3)
You have a internet safety tab on your blog, whats your number one rule for everyone to stay safe online?

Everything I write about online safety I think are very important. But, if we must choose most important, it must be to ask your parents permission before you do anything that you your subconscious can lead to trouble.

I added this link to the interview, so you can see his online safety tips again! They are very good, if you would like to see them click this: Mason's Online Safety Tips 

Question 4)
What inspired you to start blogging?

I got inspired to blog when I saw the Friendly Necromancer's blog. His blog is so cool and I love his posts! and now people say my blog is the "UK" equivalent to his! :D 

Question 5)
Just like I asked Friendly in an interview a few days ago, do you have any advice for new bloggers, or anyone planning on starting a wizard101 blog?

Don't jump into blogging. Its not a cake walk. You must prepare what you do. I once asked Ditto Monster on Twitter if he could recommend me to others and I'm saying exactly what he said to me. He told me I need to prepare a brand of sort. Build my identity and show what I do. I think that's what I've done. So, for all of the new bloggers, make sure to spend a bit more time on your blog and build your identity. :)

Question 6)
What are your likes and dislikes about Wizard101?

I like Wizard101's storyline. The first I got a subscription and jumped into Krokotopia, I couldn't stop playing. The storyline is so interesting and you wonder what happens next :) The game is a challenge and I like it! My favorite world has to be Marleybone (obviously) because it has all of these places I have been to! Funny thing  actually, IRL, I live near Chelsea Court :P. What I don't like about it is how the chat filter is so exaggerated. Of course, kids like me and you use words that might not be appropriate and I get that, but it shocks me how creative some kids can be and how they won't stop to pass that filter. I was shocked to find the simplest word was a banned word. Shocking. 

Question 7)
Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself to tell the readers to end this interview? :)

I get a lot of questions on Twitter on how to use Wizard101 UK, etc. A lot of you already know that I am starting my own Ravenwood Radio segment that will be on the show. If you do want to ask me questions, send them to wizard101ukdigest@gmail.com : I will answer as many as I can! Other than that, be sure to check out my blog if you already haven't :)

Thank you again for accepting the interview Mason!

- Thanks Ed! Was fun doing it!

I am really glad you accepted the interview, and I hope everyone checks out your blog. I am glad to hear about your new ravenwood radio segment! Congratulations :) The interview was great, and I am glad other wizards know more about you!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Was very fun doing the interview Ed!
Looking forward to working with you in future!