February 14, 2012

My Blog's Story (W101 US & UK)

Hello Wizards!

Today I am doing a post to explain my blog's story. It's not really a story, it's really a few years of blogging that I have been through so far, and a few more years of blogging! This post also explains what I blog about, and how much I enjoy blogging. This is my blog's story!

Of course I enjoy Wizard101, and I have every single day I have played the game, which is almost every single day since I started! When I first started the game I didn't think I could ever log out. 10 months later, I decided to start a blog with Mary Dreamshade . After starting the blog, I didn't blog as much because I felt like I wasn't a great enough blogger. At the time I didn't really enjoy blogging. January 2011, I decided to go back to my blog, a few months after I stopped blogging awhile. I looked my blog and said to myself that I should start blogging again, I didn't think I should though because I didn't think I would enjoy it. I made one post at the end of the month, and said that it had been awhile since I blogged about the game in the post. April was here and I kept thinking about blogging after reading the Friendly Necromancer's blog. If you read his blog he makes blogging look like a lot of fun! Which it is :) At the time after reading his posts awhile, I decided to start blogging again. After I started the first post that month about the pet rock, I didn't want to stop blogging. I kept blogging about all of the adventures I had through the game, I made a record of 74 posts in one month! After that month, I knew I wanted to keep blogging about Wizard101. When I blog about the game, it really feels like a job I should keep doing, which I am :) My plan is to keep blogging about the game Wizard101, and enjoy every post :D To end this post, I really want to thank everyone for reading my blog, and supporting my blog. It really means a lot :) Hope you enjoyed my post about my blog :)

This is my blog's story, what's yours?

~ Edward Lifegem

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