February 15, 2012

Test Realm- Tag!? ( W101 US)

Hello Wizards!

Yes, Kingsisle added tag on the test realm! I logged on to see how tag was on the game.. It's very fun! I am glad KI added this. I can't wait until its released to the live realm. Next time you are bored in your castle, just invite a few friends over to play some tag!

To get the tag game, it only costs 2000 crowns. You can play the regular tag with a gobbler, or a tag with elves! The last person to not get tagged wins the game! Paige Moonshade bought a tag game, and I ported to Diana to play tag with everyone there! - Diana, Paige, Kelsey, Arlen, and Autumn. I took a few photos of showing some of the game-play! After awhile a lot of other wizards started porting in :) We all were having fun, and don't forget, just an advanced warning for everyone.. Nowhere is a great hiding place :)

Not only did the kingsisle only add tag, they made a lot more updates on the test realm, if you would like to see the list of updates on the test realm go to this link: https://www.wizard101.com/game/update-notes/testrealm

Thanks for the new updates Kingsisle :) We love them!

~ Edward Lifegem

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