February 17, 2012

Updates for my Blog

Hello again,

This is an update on my blog for Wizard101 and Wizard101 UK. I have been making blog posts that have (W101UK or W101US) I make these type of posts because I don't want to give too much spoilers to Wizard101 UK readers. If you would like you can read the W101US posts :) If you don't want to, don't click on the read more tab on the W101US posts.

Lately I haven't been blogging much because I have been updating my blog more than I have been blogging. Don't worry I will be blogging more soon :) I have been updating quite a few things on my blog, and will be changing more soon..

- A new blogroll, my new blogroll doesn't show recent posts now. I don't know if anyone noticed that. Right now it just shows wizard101 bloggers. It's right below the followers of the blog. I made it this way to get rid of some of the slow loading my blog. I want everyone to get to my blog in a easy way without waiting forever for my blog to load.

- I will soon have a new header, I am trying to ask some wizards on wizard101 central artists to help me with a header that matches my background on my blog. If you know the wizard101 central artists, please tell me :)

- Read more tab. I added this because I didn't want to give out too many spoilers to Wizard101 UK- discussed above..

I don't think there is really anything else I will change, other than blogging a lot more :) I hope you enjoy my new blog updates. Thanks for reading!

~ Edward Lifegem

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