February 14, 2012

Wizard101 password post February 2012

Hello Wizards,

I decided to do another post about not giving out your password to anyone. From now on I will be doing a post about the troubles of giving out your password each month. I am trying to warn everyone because I don't want anyone to end up without their account, or their personal information with someone else.

One thing to remember when someone asks if they can use your account, or trade accounts is to say No! Kingsisle says it at the bottom of the log in screen not to give out your password to anyone. Each day you log in make sure to look at the bottom of that screen. Even if you have a friend on your list that you have known awhile, don't give them your password and username. If you do, make sure you also know that your personal information is with them and your wizard will be gone forever. If it's someone who says they promise they will give you crowns or a membership, keep saying no. I am sure they will get a membership though... for themselves on your account. Always make sure not to give out any personal information to anyone, not even on Facebook, Twitter, Wizard101, or any other networking site. I hope this information helps someone who is about to give out a password or personal information so they don't. If you have a friend that is saying they are going to give out their password, make sure to tell them what will happen.

I hope this post helps.

~ Edward Lifegem

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