March 18, 2012

400th post in 5 posts!

Hello again!

I wanted to make another post to tell all of the wizards who read my blog I will be posting more often. I wanted to stop posting because there might be something special for my 400th post! 5 posts from now! I can't wait to write my 400th post, the only reason I am haven't been posting much is because I am very nervous! On my 300th post, it was my second most viewed post on my blog with an overall 1200+ views!

If you have been reading my blog awhile now you should remember my 300th post. I didn't know what to blog about there either! I did find out though, if you notice there was a lot to blog about in my 300th post! :D

In that post I was blogging about Zafaria, Halloween, and a few other things. Go ahead and read it if you would like to and haven't had a chance yet :) I am hoping that my 400th post will not be bad! My 300th post was great for me :) It wasn't that hard to figure out something to blog about at the time. I am still wondering what I should blog about now for my 400th post while I am writing this post. I wonder what my 500th and 1000th post will be like?! Going to try not to think about that! For now lets hope that I do think of something, and I hope you guys are looking forward to my 400th post... like I said, there might be something special planned :) Okay time to go! Wish me luck on figuring out what to blog about! :)

~ Edward Lifegem


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Good luck :)