March 23, 2012

400th Post!

Hello Wizards..

How are you? I hope great. I am excited! Its time to type my 400th post. I have been waiting to type my 400th post since November 3, 2011! Before you start reading the rest of the post, I am going to warn you, this might be EPIC. Get ready for my 400th post :) I hope you guys don't get a headache from reading all of my post, good luck though! Are you ready for the 400th post?!?!

First off, I am going to talk about how much I love blogging about Wizard101 and show everyone some of my favorite posts so far and my adventures with blogging. I have been blogging since May 2010. At first I didn't enjoy blogging much and then I started enjoying blogging last year April 2011, almost a year now. Every single time I have blogged since then it has been a lot of fun. I am glad to blog for our favorite game! I am sure I will remember blogging about Wizard101 my entire life. My favorite thing about blogging about the game would have to be my followers. All of you made it possible for me to make 400 posts. If it wasn't for you supporting me I wouldn't enjoy blogging as much as I do right now. I really want to thank all of you, even if you aren't following my blog and you are a reader, thank you for reading my blog :) I have a few favorite posts that I would like to share with all of you, and I would like if you click on them after you read all of the post because the links will send you to a different page. I hope you enjoy reading these posts if you haven't!

My 300th post was my favorite post, I think this post is my favorite too :)
Another favorite post was most recent Ninja Lore post!
My short post about changing my link to was a favorite too!
The pet rock post was when I decided to start blogging again :)

All of the posts up above are my favorite posts so far, including this post. Each one of these posts mean a lot and I can't wait to make more posts like these in the future! Make sure you keep reading though, you never know what I will be writing, and some of my posts are sometimes weird, or even interesting. If you have read my blog since I started I am sure you know what I am talking about when I say that. :D I will never not enjoy blogging about Wizard101. I will always enjoy that, and of course things get tough when blogging, and in December it did, I did start blogging again though :) I can't wait to make my 500th post and 1000th post in the future, I am going to be nervous though, hopefully I know what to blog about! I know what to blog about now thanks to Mason Swiftblade! A few days ago I was worried on what to blog about and he gave me an idea to blog about how my blog has been going so far, and what I have enjoyed about my blog. This post wouldn't even be like it is, if he wouldn't have mentioned that to me. I am glad you did Mason, thanks again! I am not nervous about my 400th post anymore :)

My life character and Jack are already excited about the 400th post!

Lets see, I wonder what else I could add that would make the post epic? Hmm, we'll see in a little bit. I would like to ask everyone, are you ready for Spring?? I hope you are :) I still want it to be Winter, oh well. Its about time we all get ready for Spring :) Before starting the post or even thinking about starting it, I have been thinking of something great to have on my blog :)

If you are ready for Spring, you love your house/ dorm on Wizard101, and you know you can win at a housing competition, get ready! There's going to be a housing contest on my blog for the first time ever! I usually don't mention housing much on my blog and I think its about time to announce a contest with housing on my blog :) Of course this contest will be Spring related! Time for contest details!

Dorm Room Contest:

- This is a simple contest! In order to win you have to make sure your dorm is Spring related
dorm and try to decorate it as best as you can :)

- What are we winning? I am giving away 2, 10$ Wizard101 gift cards! That means 2 people
will have a chance of winning this contest.

-When will this contest end? This contest will last one week, take your time! I will
be giving contest updates.

- Remember this is the dorm room contest.
Good Luck everyone!

House Contest:

- This might not be so simple for everyone. I will make it easier though, make sure
you decorate the outside of your house to make it look like a Spring day!
Take your time on decorating :)

- On this contest there will be 2, 10$ Wizard101 gift cards that will be given away!
2 people can also win this contest. To be clear, you can only sign up for
one contest. Make sure to choose the right one :)

- This contest will also end in a week from now.. Next Friday, 3-30-12.
Contest end date may be changed.

I wish everyone good luck with the contests, make sure to send pictures of your dorm/house to this email:

I want to thank Autumn Dreamwalker for helping me with this contest! She will be helping with the houses too, there might be someone else helping too since I'm not that great with housing! Don't worry professionals will be judging :) I'm not that great at housing. That's why I never really mention it much on my blog. Oh well. I hope you guys like this contest.


If you are still reading this post, I'm not really done with the post yet! Keep reading everyone :) I am going to mention a few goals for my blog and tell everyone a few goals I accomplished to end the 400th post. I hope everyone is still reading though because I think there may be more reading on this post than my 300th post! I have completed so many goals thanks to all of my followers. I am very excited today because I have 3 new goals we have completed :) 

One goal was to get to 150 followers before May! We made it to 150 this month. We are already at 151 followers :) If it wasn't for you guys reading my blog, I probably wouldn't have made it to 1 follower. Thank you everyone!

Another goal was to reach 50,000 views. That goal was accomplished this morning! I can't believe it though! 50,000 views on this blog :) I am very glad you guys view my blog that much! I usually get 100 views each day, that's crazy! When I am offline and not blogging I usually get 50 views, and I can't believe that! 

Another goal completed is this post! My 400th post :) I have posted 400 times! I am surprised you guys are reading that much :) I surprised I am typing that much! Thank you everyone for helping me get to 400 posts!

I also have a few goals to plan ahead :) I plan to have 500 posts before July! I can't wait until that, like I said before though, I'm going to be nervous typing the 500th post. We'll see when the time gets here :) Another goal would have to be 175 followers before my birthday- July 28th. Its okay if we can't reach that goal though, I'm just glad I have readers that read this blog. That's the number one goal and its completed! Okay I think its about time to end this post because I don't know if anyone can get through this post, I am already tired from typing this much! If I make any mistakes make sure to tell me. I woke up way too early this morning. I hope all of you liked my 400th post! If you have made it this far, congratulations! I hope I didn't give you a headache from this post with all of the typing! One of the goals for this post is making it over 1800 views! If you can share this post to anyone who knows about my blog so we can reach that goal. Once we do it will be the most viewed post on our blog. Yes our blog :) Okay time to end this post! 

Ending the 400th post, I hope to see you around the spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem



Anonymous said...

Loved the post :D And keep blogging! You are officially my favourite blogger! :)

Edward Lifegem said...

That's very nice of you :) Thank you!

Ernis said...

Bro you're the best!
So on which server should I decorate my dorm room/house?
Can I make it on my UK but take the award(if I win ofc) on the US? lolz
Gretings from Antonio! :)