March 26, 2012

ATSWEL Changes + Contest Update!

Hello Wizards!

You may have seen by now that I have updated the site again. I changed the background, header, favicon and the cursor of my blog! I have changed my blog so much lately, I am sure nobody can keep up. I have also said that a few of my blog changes were my favorite.. This blog change is my favorite! I hope it's your favorite too!

If you are a new reader.. I usually change my blog around quite a bit so it won't get too boring. I would like all of my readers to come to my site to see something new once in awhile :) I think I will keep my site like this from now on though, unless I find something different I can add! I hope you guys like this new change on the blog though! I tried to make it look more like a Wizard101 blog. I added the spirals for the background because of the title of my blog :) I really do love the new changes and I think that's everything I could change on my blog for the year. I have changed the website, background, header, favicon, and now cursor on my blog. I have even added the read more option so everyone could load the blog easier. I wonder what other changes (other than header, favicon, and background changes) my blog will go through this year? We'll see!

Contest Update:

I wanted to tell everyone to not forget about the contest that's going on. On my 400th post I mentioned a new
contest that the blog is having. To read more about this contest go to this link: ATSWEL 400th Post .. Make sure to read the bottom of the page and you will see more details on the contest! This contest will end on Friday! Don't spend too much gold :) Good luck everyone!

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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