March 1, 2012

Blogs to Follow - March 2012

Another month has passed and now its time to name off quite a few blogs that I would like you to read and if you can follow. If you are new at reading my blog/ following, lately I have made posts each month this year about blogs that I read that I would like you to read. I like showing all of my readers other Wizard101 blogs that I would like you to read :) Sometimes I may repeat some blogs that I would like you to follow.

I hope you all do have time to read these blogs, I will keep doing this each month. I may sometimes do it twice since there are a lot of Wizard101 bloggers out there :) Here is the long list of Wizard101 blogs that I would like you to read!

The Heroic Pyromancer-

Housing Manual-

The Conjuring Angel of the Spiral-

Wizard101 Madness-

Wizard101 World-

The Chillianthropologist:

A Mythspent Youth:

Diary of a Wizard- a great site :) -

Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you guys have a chance to check out all of these sites, all of them are great Wizard101 blogs. Next month I will do this again, if you would like me to put your blog down on a post on April 1st tell me on the 31st. I will remind everyone again that I will be doing this every single month :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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Diana Wildheart said...

I think I like your suggest about blog, maybe you want to read and explain what this blog about. Make everyone want to know and what do you think about. Just suggest the idea, if boring/can't think of blog to post up. Good Luck! :)