March 27, 2012

Contest Update

Hello Wizards!

I have a contest going on and I wanted to make one post about it. Yesterday I made a small update about it. I wanted to make another contest update so everyone knows what is expected with this contest, when it ends and a few other details.. Good luck everyone who decides to enter!

Dorm Room Contest:

- You have to decorate your dorm to make it look Spring-Like! 

-There will be 2 winners, there are 2, 10$ gift cards that will
be given out with this contest.

-If you are from Wizard101 UK you can also enter this contest..
only if you have a Wizard101 US account. Sorry!

-This contest will end on Friday March 30, 2012

House Contest:

-On this contest, you have to decorate the outside of your house
to make it look Spring-Like.. Use any house you have!

-There will be 2 winners, just like above.. There will be 2,
10$ W101 gift cards.

-If you are from Wizard101 UK you can also enter this contest!

-This contest will end on Friday March 30, 2012


Can I enter both of the contests?

Please only one contest so more wizards can have a chance of winning a card.

What if everyone can't finish their house by Friday?

If everyone is having trouble, The contest end on April 1, 2012

When did you start this contest?

I started this contest on my 400th post. To read more go to this link:

If you aren't a member, and you can't farm for gold you can still try! Don't spend all of your gold for this contest though. You never know if you will win. Save your gold, don't spend too much on this contest :) Good luck everyone! 

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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