March 7, 2012

Contest Winner

Yesterday I had a little contest. I had the contest for anyone wanting a few extra crowns since the new Ninja Lore pack was released. To win the contest you had to design a new wizard101 pack and to tell me your favorite thing about the new Wizard101 pack that was just released yesterday. The Winner is..... MASON SWIFTBLADE! Congratulations Mason! I will be sending your code on Facebook :) Thanks everyone for entering, I am sorry I don't have more cards to give out though, I will be having more contests soon though :)

Mason's Entry:

I would love to create a Celestia Pack. Maybe call it the Crustacean Treasure Pack? What I would want to see in it is some Crustacean Empire Themed housing! It would go gracefully with our Celestian Observatories! I would love to see some Celestia themed gear! I'm not too sure on packs but from what I know, there is a gear set for each 10 levels. If so, then it would be cool! A cool idea for a robe could be Crustacean's Leader Tunic. It would make the pack sound more rare and make it sound like wizards have retrieved the treasures of the Crustaceans and are placed in this pack! It would be cool to have some of the staffs that those Crustaceans have! They look awesome and I would love to have them on my Wizard! The reagents should be sea themed. Kelp, pearls and golden pearls, sunstone? Oooh! Oooh! And one of those Pisceans as a pet! That would be awesome as we defeat those mobs in Crustacean Empire and would be cool to see them as our pets! Maybe we could have our own mini Queen Calypso's ship as a mount? And the thing I LOVE about these new packs has to be the reward cards. It seems very cool to be able to train a card that you get in a pack. However, I hope these reward cards are rare as we don't want people going OP with these cards. My pack would cost 399 crowns. Hope I win the 5,000 crowns!

- Great Entry Mason! You completed everything to win the contest, and you designed a great new pack! I really do hope KI is reading this because this would be a great idea! Maybe they could design a pack for each world?! Oh and I think the entire pack sounds like something I would buy any day on the game! Now I really do want KI to release this Lol! Oh and that's my favorite thing about the new pack too! I am hoping the same thing, if people start using a new spell too much, it gets boring.. I am hoping its rare too! Anyways, thank you for your entry and Congratulations on winning :)

I am glad to have contests on my blog :) I can't wait to have another contest soon! I hope you guys enjoyed this little contest. This contest was going to be the 150 follower contest, I decided to make it early though since this new pack was released. Have fun with your crowns Mason! Thanks for entering everyone, keep entering the contests because there will be more soon :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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Mason Swiftblade said...

Yay! Thanks for the card Ed!