March 22, 2012

Edward Lifegem 2.0 defeats Foulgaze! (W101 UK)

Hello Wizards!

My wizard finally defeated Foulgaze and he is ready to defeat Nightshade! I can't wait :) I wonder if he will be nice, just like Foulgaze? Well maybe not, since Foulgaze wasn't really nice at all.

Quest to defeat Foulgaze

That wasn't nice at all!

Do you want to know what this spell is?

If you guessed Thundersnake, you're right!

Did a ghost just go through me? OUCH!?

Face the power of Seraph! - a treasure card from the Bazaar :D

Bye Foulgaze! Nice fight!

Thank you Merle!

I am getting close to Krokotopia! I can't wait! I wonder how much my life wizard will be defeated from now on? Hopefully not much! Wish me luck :)

~ Edward Lifegem


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