March 30, 2012

Edward Lifegem 2.0 makes it to Krokotopia! (W101 UK)

Hello Wizards!

Edward Lifegem 2.0 finally made it to Krokotopia! I died once though.. You will see how that happened soon. I am glad I am finally out of wizard city though! I didn't think that I would make it out of wizard city this month, I am glad I did though :) My favorite thing about questing through wizard city on my life character was making new friend throughout questing!

Entering stormdrain tower!

Leprechaun first round! Thank Merle for power pips! 

Nightshade being rude!

Time to heal! I don't want to be defeated a second time!

I had 3 leprechauns and I kept using them to defeat Nightshade!

Do I get to defeat Malistaire now? :D

Oh the sixth school quest.

My quest to access Krokotopia!


Edward Lifegem 2.0 in Krokotopia!

I am glad my character finally made it here in Krokotopia! I will be making more posts with my adventures through Krokotopia! I still have another post that I will be making tomorrow about my adventures through Colossus Boulevard! I will be making that post tomorrow :) Time to go!

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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