March 3, 2012

Edward Wintergem receives Mammoth! (W101 US)

Hello Wizards!

My character Edward Wintergem finally received his level 68 spell! Oh and I also leveled to level 68, Lol. After questing with AD (or Autumn Dreamwalker/Winterbreeze) we both leveled to 68. I am glad my ice character is stronger than before with this spell :) Oh and if you are from Wizard101 UK and don't want to many spoilers, don't read this post, because this post will contain a lot of spoilers about the level 68 ice spell and Zafaria...

I think all of the ice spells have been perfect so far! I am very glad I can now use this spell. If there is a tough boss I have to defeat... Mammoth is ready!

Level Up! (Level 68)

My Mammoth Quest

Ice is strong, I don't think I need luck :)

Milos again..

Milos sends me to The Hoarder (Boss you have to defeat to get your spell)

Now that's rude.

Snow Angel time!

Colossus Time!

Ice book time?

Woot! Time to summon Mammoth!



Finally using my mammoth spell, I can now say Mammoth time :D

That was fun :) This was the spell I was looking forward to for awhile. It took me awhile to get it though. I am glad I finally received Mammoth and I am ready to use it in every battle... well almost every battle :D Time to end this post with... MAMMOTH TIME!

~ Edward Lifegem


Yadin Bromberg said...

Gratz Ed! I'm only 62 still :P Haven't gotten myself to continue questing yet :P Anyways gratz bro!

-Blaze S.

(this is my irl cause didnt feel like switching)

Rowan WindFlower said...

Congratulations on reaching 68 and getting your Mammoth spell! The pictures are great, I really like the last one with your Mammoth icing that gobbler!