March 11, 2012

A few helpful tips!

Hello Wizards!

Today I am going to make a post to help a few wizards out there that has a blog. This can even help for someone who doesn't own a wizard101 blog and still wants help. Friendly (Thomas Lionblood) really did help me a lot when I have had a few questions about my blog. If you have noticed the Blogger Navbar is gone on my blog now. I am going to help everyone get rid of that if they want in this post, and I am also going to show you guys how to get a Favicon :D

First off.. I am going to show you guys how to get rid of the Blogger Navbar. This is right above the header of your blog and below the address bar. When I had it, It was very annoying and I never knew how to get rid of it. I asked Friendly and he guided me so I could.

- To get rid of the navbar you have to log int if you haven't already. Once you log in you have to click on design, and then edit HTML. After you do that, you have to find - Variable Definitions - Once you find it, you have to post this right above these words..

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

After you have posted that right above Variable Definitions, click save. Then you can look at your blog and notice that the Navbar is gone! From now on when you want to post you have to go to and click on new post. I hope this helps everyone :)


This may be difficult for everyone, you will understand after awhile though... If you don't know what a favicon is and you want to have your own keep reading! If you have noticed, you will see a B for blogger right by the address bar when you are on your blog. This is a favicon (or Icon) You can make your own favicon for free. First off, you have to have a photo. If you have a photo that you would like to be placed as your icon, go to IconJ once you get there, you will notice something that says "Free Favicon Hosting".. You can upload your photo there, click on choose file. Once you find your photo, choose the sharpen level. I chose 3. Then click on upload now. You will see an option to download your new favicon, click on it. After you are done doing that, you can now go back to blogger, click on design, and you will notice something that says Favicon- and an option to edit. Click on it and upload the favicon you saved earlier on IconJ. Click on save and wait for awhile to show. It won't show right away, it will though. Look up above to see mine :) My favicon is a picture of my blog background :D I hope this helps someone that's reading :D

Done with this post, or 2 posts I should say! I accidentally exit out of the first post I made. I hope this post helps another blogger out :) Good luck! If you have any questions comment below. Thanks for reading!

~ Edward Lifegem


Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts said...

Thanks!(: And it definitely helps out A LOT =D (Off-Topic: And now I better go worry about being burned in the sun... -_-)

Ernis said...

OMG Edward thanks for putting my blog on your Blogger List. :D
It really means a lot. ;)