March 10, 2012

International Day of Awesomeness (W101 UK)

Today I went another event on Wizard101 UK! They had some fun events including hide and seek! I am very glad I did get on to see how this event was. It's really as fun as the one last time :) Last time I made it to the very end of the event though lol. I still had fun though. This one I made it an hour early!

One great thing about coming early to a big event is that you don't have to keep trying to switch realms to get to the main area. If you don't come early, it will take you awhile to get to the area or realm you want to be in. I have had times like that before! Anyways, this event was a black tie event.. I went to the event in green and no tie! :D At first I thought I was going to be the only one wearing something different, I wasn't though :D

Running to the Library for a picture!

How do we look? :D

Starting hide and seek!

I can't wait until another event! It's a lot of fun going to events like these on Wizard101. I am glad the moderators really do like communicating with everyone. I never met another moderator of the game until I joined Wizard101 UK and I think they are very nice. I heard from a few other wizards that they aren't during the event. If you meet them you will agree with me that they are nice, and really do like communicating with everyone. Not only are they nice and like to socialize they also are very helpful! Always remember they do a lot for the community. Thanks for reading everyone :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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