March 30, 2012

Kingsisle and Gameforge Support

Hello Wizards!

Today I'm making a post about Kingsisle Support and Gameforge Support. Sometimes a few wizards think that Kingsisle and Gameforge Support can not have a badge and still work for the game. That's not true. Everyone who works for the game should show their badge if they claim to work for Wizard101.

Like I said above, the only way someone can prove that they are Kingsisle or Gameforge support is if they show a badge to prove that they do. If they don't show a badge they aren't and you need to report them. 
One of the badges on the US server- if they show you
this badge they are Kingsisle Support. If not they aren't.

 The  UK server has a new
gameforge support badge if they are truly a gamemaster.
Gamemasters are allowed to wear this badge by default



If someone claims to be someone who is Kingsisle or Gameforge and they don't have the badge on, make sure to ask them for their badge. If someone says they can update your game in return of your password, they can't. They are only trying to steal your account. Never give out your password to anyone!

Stay safe in the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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