March 4, 2012


Hello Wizards,

Lately there have been a few things going on. One of them being that someone is pretending to be a few wizards including me, he hacks accounts and pretends to be Kingsisle and Gameforge. I am here to say the person who is doing this is not me, any other wizard he is pretending to be, or Kingsisle or Gameforge..

I think he is pretending to be everyone else so he doesn't get in trouble. I know some of the wizards he is pretending to be and I know they would never ask for a password from anyone. Acting like someone else and doing this isn't right at all. If you act like Kingsisle or Gameforge I am sure all of the accounts you hacked so far will be banned. They can find out if they were hacked or not.. If you know who this person is or is on your list you should report him to Kingsisle so they know. I made this post so everyone knows that all of the people he is pretending to be is not the fault. I am defending everyone he is pretending to be. Just so you know I made a few posts about Wizard101 US and UK not asking for passwords. They also tell everyone they would never ask for your passwords. Don't give away your password if someone says they are Kingsisle. If someone does ask for it and say they are Kingsisle, tell them to show you their badge. If it's on Wizard101 UK they will have MB Gear (That's their badge right now, they will have a badge soon) Always remember to NEVER give out your password to anyone who says they are Kingsisle or Gameforge. If they can't show you the things mentioned above, report them. Another thing is if anyone pretends to be someone who would never ask for a password, you know they are only pretending. All of the people he is pretending to be are people that would never do anything like that. He is pretending to be me, and I make a lot posts and statuses about not giving out your passwords to anyone. I know some of the people he is pretending to be would never do that either. Read some of my posts about never giving out your password to anyone down below...

These are only a few posts, and don't forget to read my staying safe online page.. NEVER tell your password to anyone, not even if you trust them. Kingsisle has rules against that.

~ Edward Lifegem


Anonymous said...

Well the thing you have at the bottom is a little weird, it says copyright by Kingsisle published by Gameforge. And that is kinda misleading because it seems like Gameforge or KI published the post.

Just saying,

~Keep It Dead

Edward Lifegem said...

Its required. I have to because I submitted my blog for a fansite for Wizard101 UK and I have to have this on all images, instead I put it on the bottom of the page. Its a copyright thing, Gameforge didn't publish this post... Its says I did lol

Edward Lifegem said...

I thought the same thing at first, and I read the rules to become a fansite and it has something to do with Copyright. So I post this on the bottom of a page that has links to images of Wizard101 or has images on the post. I don't put it on every single page. I promise you I'm not KI or Gameforge..

Edward Lifegem said...

Nor would I pretend to be them**