March 1, 2012

What will I be blogging about?

Hello again :)

I have been asking myself what I could blog about this year that I didn't blog about last year. I finally figured out what I will be blogging about! Last year I was blogging about a lot. When I started blogging in April of last year again, I was blogging about a lot of things, including the pet rock, Wintertusk, leveling pets, dislikes and likes about Wizard101 etc. The list could actually go on forever :) This year I can't wait to start blogging about a few different things that I didn't really blog about last year :)

One thing that I will always be blogging about would be my adventures throughout the game. I will be blogging about new worlds released in Wizard101 US or UK. I will also keep blogging for Wizard101 UK too! Right now I think a few people from Wizard101 UK are reading my posts, which is very cool! :D I will start blogging about gardening, and maybe Pvp! That depends if I really enjoy Pvp though. Lol. Last month I was going to do a bunch of interviews, I didn't get to though because I was very busy and I didn't even have time for blogging most of the time. I am going to start getting interviews and name them Wizards around the Spiral. Other than blogging, I will also be updating my blog more often. I still haven't really figured out what else I could blog about, so I am going to ask my readers! What should I blog about? Is there anything good in the Spiral that I should start blogging about? :) Comment down below if you would like me to start blogging about something that you would like to read about. I can't wait to see what you would like me to blog about :) Thank you for reading everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Joseph said...

Pvp is one for sure