March 18, 2012

Wizards Unite & Wizard101 Ramblers

Hello Wizards!

Today I would like to mention this site because the other day I was listening to a podcast called Wizard101 Ramblers, and it was very funny! Usually I make posts about blogs you should visit, well you should visit this podcast and site.. I hope you do because you won't regret visiting them :)

Wizards Unite was mentioned not long ago by Mason Swiftblade on his blog-

I really am glad he mentioned it because it gave me an idea of a blog post since I haven't been blogging for awhile and I was planning on mentioning this site. Wizards Unite is a great place to sign up and become a member to interact with other members on there. Another great thing about this site, they also have a blog included on the site: I noticed a great blog post with blogger tips and I think everyone should check that out when you get a chance!

Wizard101 Unite Twitter:!/WUOfficial

Now to the podcast site! This is very funny. I listened to it one time and really did like it. I couldn't stop laughing the entire time. I love comedy, so this is great to listen to for me :) If you love comedy and love Wizard101 go check this out:

Wizard101 Ramblers Twitter:!/W101Ramblers

Now I am sure you are probably wondering who owns these sites and runs the podcast. Ian StormStaff, Jordan SunFlame, Necrospector, and Ashley IceStaff. They are great wizards on Twitter, go follow them! Also follow the podcast and wizards unite twitter! Keep up the great work guys!

~ Edward Lifegem


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