April 3, 2012

Blogs/ Sites to Follow! April 2012

Hello Wizards!

Another month has gone by since I last made a post showing a few blogs/ sites you guys should follow or read! Time to do another post! This post will be a little different than the months before. In this post I am going to explain a few things about the blogs/ sites. I hope you enjoy this post! :)

Diary of a Wizard

- Last month I made a post about this site, I didn't explain too much about it though! This site is a fantastic Wizard101 Fansite that has great information about new updates that will arrive or have arrived in Wizard101, a great way to interact with other wizards from the spiral with Diary of a Wizard ConnectX. If there are any wizards out there that love contests, that's another thing that DOAW has :) I love this site and if 10 stars were the best I could give it, I would still give it an 11 :) If you would like to check out this site go to the links down below! One of them being the main site, and the other DOAW ConnectX!

Fallon Shadowblade & Valdus SoulPyre - Owners of DOAW


- This is another great site that I would like you to look at! They don't post much anymore,  which I hope they post more often again! This is another favorite site of mine which in my words would be considered as a fansite :) I have read this blog and looked at this site for awhile now, and I have always loved it! If you look at their archives you can see their posts, and great updates that they did to their site. This site is like DOAW- an awesome site!!  Here is the link to their blog! This site is everything about Wizard101 :)

John Spiritshade - One of the main owners of Ambrose2Zeke

Paige's Page

- This blog is another great blog that is about housing! I always loved this blog because it gave me bright ideas to decorate my house one time! Even though I'm not that great with housing, Paige will always help everyone feel like they are :) If you are ready to read a blog about decorating houses go to this blog! I am glad I did :)  Thanks Paige for a fantastic blog and Wizard101 Fansite! I am ready to read more about housing already! Click on the link down below to visit her blog!

Paige Moonshade - Owner of this Paige's Page!

That's all for this months blogs/ sites to follow! I might do another one this month. I have quite a few sites that I want all of you to check out! I hope you guys enjoy this post and check out all 3 of the sites listed above. I am sure most of the readers reading this post know about these sites, but some of them may not. Have fun looking at these sites! 

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Hey Ed. I made my Goodbye Wizard101 post and your mentioned in it. Please read it at http://tinyurl.com/7qdhqq