April 12, 2012

Contest Winners!

Hello again!

On my 400th post I had a contest to see who could decorate their dorm to best to make it look Spring themed. There are 4 winners! There are 2 for the dorm room and 2 for the house contest! I'm sorry it took me so long to announce the winners, remember to have patience though when there is another contest.

Dorm Room Contest: 

Angel Winterbreeze (Justin IronSword)

Congratulations! Thanks for your entry!

Sandy Day:

Thanks! Don't worry you made the contest on time and won! :)

House Contest:

Cody Dragoncaller

Thanks for your entry! :) 

Antonio Lotusblood

Thank you for your entry, and Antonio added something to his contest entry!

Is there anything better then sitting by the water on a hot spring day?
I know it's not.Or not having your Sea Dragon and Tiger next to you.
But can you see what I see,the Ram from the Mountains is leaving my square because he thinks winter is leaving,well it is,along as the ram.
You can see the first flowers,the first bushes coming out the land.
The tree's are blooming,the fountain sprinkles water like never before.
But what would be a spring day without a music player with nice classical music,yeah you guessed right.NOTHING.
Wait a minute..what do I see next to my music player,is that a bone?Probably one of my dragons couldn't survive the winter,(minute silence for him)..Edward remind me to remove the bones out of my spring garden.
Ahhh..and the beautiful Sun,we missed you so much.
Excuse me..the stomach of my Bengal Tiger is cramping,I think he's hungry.
I'll saddle on him and find some food.
See you on the next contest wizards! :)

*What do you think Ed?*
BTW. It's Antonio LotusBlood. :)

I think I am finally ready for Spring Antonio :) Thank you all for your entry! Sending your code to you in a respond to the emails you sent me. Congratulations everyone! Thanks everyone who entered. If you didn't win don't worry, I will be having more contests :D


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the winners! :)

Mason S. said...

Grats to all the winners :)

Ernis said...

Yay I won! :D
Thanks Tasha,thanks Mason! ;)