April 7, 2012

Easter & the Spiral!

Hello Wizards!

To start this post off, Happy Easter Eve? :) I hope all of you have a great Easter! I am excited about Easter, I can't wait! Who else is ready for Easter?? I hope all of you! Anyways, today I decided to make a short post to tell you a few things that are going on around the spiral. One of them being Easter of course!


Emy, Manager of Wizard101 UK is asking everyone to try to send in pictures of Wizard101 Easter eggs for the Wizard101 UK Facebook page! I think this is a great idea :) I can't wait to see all of the Wizard101 Easter eggs, I hope everyone tries to send in at least one Easter egg to them! If you would like to do this you can send an email to:


If you do decide to send in an Easter egg I can't wait to see! I will be looking at the Wizard101 UK Facebook page. Good luck :) I really hope someone sends in an ice wizard101 Easter egg! 

Wizard101 FM's Wizard101 Egg!

Farewell Blaze Shadowhorn!

Yes Blaze Shadowhorn is now quitting Wizard101. Its sad, but the great thing for him is he is planning on making novels! I bet he will do a great job, he is already great at blogging! Another good thing is he will be coming back 1-2 per month! I hope that you have a great time Blaze and I am going to mention your new blog if you don't mind! :) 

Blaze's Farewell post:

Blaze's New Blog: 

That's all for this post! I hope all of you have a great and safe Easter! Oh and I would like to enter this in the post, If you sent in a dorm room/ house contest entry, don't worry I will be announcing the winners still! I kept postponing it because of a few reasons! I hope all of you are still ready :) I might be announcing the winners this afternoon or tonight. If not today or tonight I will Monday. I'm sorry for the postponing for so long. I love all of your entries :) Okay time to go! See you later Wizards!

~Edward Lifegem

Any Wizards remember this?? :)

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