April 22, 2012

Edward Mythgem & his new spell! (W101 US)

Hello Wizards!

My myth character finally received his level 68 myth spell! (basilisk) It did take awhile to level to get the spell. I had a chance to see how the myth school was again, since the last time I really did level was about a year ago. Its actually fun leveling a myth wizard again. The only thing that wasn't fun was trying to defeat anything that was myth in Zafaria.

Yeah you might be right, its been awhile. Don't worry I will
start leveling again Cyrus!

Do you not like Cyrus Drake?

Yeah, he was also talking about you..

Yes I know where to go lol

Uh... I am starting to think no one likes Cyrus.

Wow, now that's epic!


Another Epic photo :)

Gg! Strong Orthrus hit :D 

The question is... Did you?

Summoning Basilisk! 

Time to use it for the first time!

That's only the first hit! I have a feeling I won't have trouble with any
bosses anymore! I can't wait to use it leveling through Avalon :D

I am ready to blog about about my myth wizard leveling through Avalon! I am sure it might be a couple more days or a week until its actually released in the live realm, so we all have to wait until then. I don't really know when its going to be released, I am just guessing :) I really can't wait to get the basilisk pet. I really hope the pet talents and pedigree are better though before they release it to the live realm, more like a level 78 pet rather than a level 48 pet. We'll see :) I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, I have been sick. I am feeling better now! See you around the spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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