April 23, 2012

Emperor's Attick Pack (W101 US)

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle has now released a new pack again! This new pack is a Mooshu themed pack. I love blogging about the new packs when they are released. I hope you enjoy this new pack. Here is information about this new pack from Wizard101's website.

- With over 60 NEW items, our new Mooshu themed game card pack is filled with housing items!

Decorate your Wizard castle with these cool new housing items from the Emperor's Attick Pack! Each pack
contains a chance to get new items including the brand new Tag Game

Just some of the cool new stuff in the Emperor's Attic Pack!

- Tag Game
- 8 new interact-able housing items including Koi Pond!
- 4 new plants including the Fortune Cookie Tree
- Other new items such as bobbleheads, paintings, wallpaper, music scrolls and many 
other furniture pieces to decorate your castle.

I heard something about Fortune cookies in this and now I am hungry! Anyways... This seems like a great new pack! When looking at the image above it looks like a very cool pack. I don't know if its attic or attick. They put both so maybe its both? Oh well. I hope you enjoy this new pack and if you are planning on saving crowns I would suggest wait until it goes on sale to buy it :)

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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