April 26, 2012

Pirate101 Fansites?

Hello Wizards & Pirates!

I've noticed something going on since Pirate101 was announced. Lets first talk about a situation that went on last year though. Last year a bunch of wizards.. including myself.. really wanted to become an official site and blog for Wizard101. After a little while Kingsisle cancelled applications to become an official site.

Once they cancelled it, everyone was mad that they did, including myself at first. I understood after that if you keep asking to become "official" you don't want to do that to help anyone, you only want to do it to be well known. I think its great to create a site and know that you would love to help other wizards and pirates and then ask to become official. IF you say you only want to become official to be well known you really don't deserve it. There are actually a lot of wizards out there that I know should be an official site because their sites are VERY helpful just like the official blogs and sites :) I know that they would love to help everyone before they even think of becoming a fansite. Here are few things you should know IF kingsisle does accept fansite applications for Pirate101..

If you are planning on becoming a fansite, make it a FANsite: This really does help because you care more about your fans of your site than trying to be well known. If you care about someone else, they will care about you. Its simple!

If Kingsisle says yes celebrate the entire time! When saying this, its great to be nice all of the time and remember that Kingsisle really gave you a chance to blog to a lot of other wizards and pirates! Celebrate by showing your fans how much you appreciate them reading or looking your site.

One last thing... ALWAYS be respectful: Don't be rude to anyone at all! This is even if you don't become a fansite. When you show respect you will get respect in return. Always show your fans respect :) It will really help!

These are only a few things from me that I think would help you. I'm not planning on submitting an application to become a fansite and I will be using all three of these. You should always use them and if you don't think your site is good enough or you think you site would NEVER be a fansite always try! I'm not saying that Kingsisle will give everyone a chance to becoming a fansite but I do know that they read other blogs :) I hope this post helps you all! Remember, never do it for fame, always make a fansite for your fans!

I really do help this helps!

~ Edward Lifegem


Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts said...

*thumbs up in agreement* ^__^ (applies to real life as well...)

OneSeasonTalk said...

hey edward! loved wizard101, found a great pirate101 forum http://pirate101boards.com

Fatal Exception said...

Great pointers! Having gone "the Official Route" (HiaG) before, I can tell you it's an Honor, ofc, but a responsibility, as well.

I, myself, would do it only for "the love of the game", and not for any Official status.

Edward Lifegem said...

Thanks :) and HIAG is still a great fansite :) I hope you start blogging again one day! I know, your site is one of my favorites. You don't blog anymore but when you did I could tell you were blogging for the love of the game. :) Its great to know that there are bloggers out there that agree.