May 23, 2012

Pirate101 Blog? to follow!

Hello Pirates!

Most of you reading are probably waiting for a Pirate101 beta invite right? Well it might take awhile until KI sends out the beta invite emails to those who win the Pirate101 drawing. Until then, you all need to check out these great blogs down below! I posted about a few the beginning of this month.. or a few posts ago..  :D

May 21, 2012

Wizard101 Test Realm!

Hello Wizards!

Guess what! Kingsisle has open the test realm again and they have Wysteria housing! I'm excited about this new update :) The update notes have quite a few updates that they are adding. Here are a few pictures of the new Wysteria House: Villa Gardens

May 20, 2012


Hello Wizards!

I usually make a lot of posts about not giving away your wizards, personal information and tips about staying safe online. Today I am going to combine all with something that I have noticed that is happening on Facebook and or Twitter.

May 17, 2012

Pirate101 Questions Answered!

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle sent everyone an email yesterday giving us more information about Pirate101. I just received it today because I have been way too busy to check my email! We never really knew how much the game would cost or when the closed beta was going to be released. Now we do!

May 12, 2012

Blogs/Sites to follow! May 2012

Hello Wizards and Pirates!

This is the first month I will be mention a few Pirate101 blogs/ sites to follow or read! Once they announced the new Pirate101 game, there were hundreds (maybe) of new blogs that were about Pirate101! Its time to show you my Pirate101 Blog... Here's the link...!!!! I should say Pirate101 and Wizard101 blog :D I will never give up on Wizard101 for another game :)

May 10, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday ATSWEL

Hello Wizards!

Today for my blog is a very special day! Its been 2 years since I started this blog! May 10th 2010 was a great day because I was very excited to start blogging for the FIRST time :) I have never blogged before May 10th 2010. 

May 9, 2012

Blog post to Friendly!

Hello Wizards!

I am glad to hear the great news about Friendly finally working with Kingsisle :) He is the only one I know that really deserves that job! If you don't know, Friendly (Thomas Lionblood) is going to be the community manager to Pirate101! I can't imagine his excitement right now!

May 6, 2012

Edward Firegem & Efreet? (W101 US)

Hello Wizards!

My character is level 78 and yes he already has his efreet spell :) I am talking about.. the... EFREET PET! I am glad I finally have this pet! When I leveled my life character on the test realm Kelsey Fireheart was showing me her new efreet pet and I was wishing I leveled my fire first! I had to complete ZF again which took a couple of days off of me blogging about getting my pet.

May 5, 2012

Edward Lifegem &. Edward Firegem in Avalon (W101 US)

Hello again!

I wanted to make another post explaining a few things that I have noticed when questing through Avalon on my fire wizard and life wizard. There are a few things that are difficult and a few things that are easy when questing on a Fire Wizard or a Life Wizard.

Edward Firegem makes it to Avalon (W101 US)

Hello Wizards!

A few days without blogging! I really need to start blogging more often. I have been leveling my wizard and doing a few things so I can make new blog posts. From now on if I don't blog for awhile it might be because I am doing something to get ready to make a new blog post :)

May 1, 2012

Myth School Celebration (W101 UK)

Hello Wizards!

How are you doing?! I haven't had a chance to blog about Wizard101 UK in awhile. I hope you all are having fun in the new world Zafaria! I would also like to wish you good luck on the quest where you have to collect. I am sure you know by now which one I am talking about.. Anyways.. Lol, time for the Myth School Celebration blog post!