May 20, 2012


Hello Wizards!

I usually make a lot of posts about not giving away your wizards, personal information and tips about staying safe online. Today I am going to combine all with something that I have noticed that is happening on Facebook and or Twitter.

First I am going to write about personal experience that is happening to me right now on Facebook. I am sure most of you on my Facebook list know about someone who is pretending to be me and asking people for their passwords. If this was me, why would I make dozens of posts about not giving away your password? I promise, I never have or will ask for anyone's personal information. I won't mention their name on here because I don't want to be rude to them. I am going to show you guys my TRUE Edward Lifegem profiles, if you see any other, its not me.

I have also noticed that a few friends have been going through the same thing. Some of them don't even know that's happening to them. If you are pretending to be someone else, please stop. Its not going to help you to try to be someone else or steal accounts from people. The only thing you are doing is taking something that isn't yours. If you pretend to be someone, its not you. Its simple. You can stop right now, if you keep pretending.. you won't end up with any friends. Be yourself, I am sure you will make a ton of friends no matter who you are. If you are stealing accounts, how is it helping you? The only thing it does is make you look bad in front of everyone. If were leveling on Wizard101 for years, bought more than 100,000 crowns and at least 24 months of membership and someone decided to ask you for your account and it was gone just like that, would you be upset? Of course you would! Please don't do this to everyone who doesn't know its not good to give out your password. Okay time to stop ranting! Lol. Hopefully this helps someone to stop. I will post this on my Facebook and hopefully a few people see. 

~ Edward Lifegem

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