May 9, 2012

Blog post to Friendly!

Hello Wizards!

I am glad to hear the great news about Friendly finally working with Kingsisle :) He is the only one I know that really deserves that job! If you don't know, Friendly (Thomas Lionblood) is going to be the community manager to Pirate101! I can't imagine his excitement right now!

Tom, if you are reading this post... I would like to send another congratulations to you on here! I posted one on  your blog post too :) When I first read his blog the first time a couple of years ago, I knew that he should of been working with Kingsisle. I know this though... He is going to be a great community manager. I have to say thanks to Kingsisle for giving him the job too!

This was a short post, I really wanted to blog about this though, I am a few hours late, but I am glad I am blogging about great news! :) 

See you around the Spiral! Oh yeah, don't forget to check out the links above!!

~ Edward Lifegem

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