May 6, 2012

Edward Firegem & Efreet? (W101 US)

Hello Wizards!

My character is level 78 and yes he already has his efreet spell :) I am talking about.. the... EFREET PET! I am glad I finally have this pet! When I leveled my life character on the test realm Kelsey Fireheart was showing me her new efreet pet and I was wishing I leveled my fire first! I had to complete ZF again which took a couple of days off of me blogging about getting my pet.

I am not done with Avalon yet, I still have to blog about Avalon which will be a huge post that will be done sometime this month. Its going to take at least a month for each character to level through Avalon to get their pets and reach level 80. Back to my fire character! Here are a few pictures of my fire character getting his new pet!

That was fun and a great accomplishment. I am glad my fire wizard has a great pet now, I hope he gets talents that will help my fire wizard. So far he's adult, he has health bounty and a derby talent. If he doesn't get a good talent at ancient I am planning on mixing with another high pedigree Efreet :) 

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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