May 5, 2012

Edward Firegem makes it to Avalon (W101 US)

Hello Wizards!

A few days without blogging! I really need to start blogging more often. I have been leveling my wizard and doing a few things so I can make new blog posts. From now on if I don't blog for awhile it might be because I am doing something to get ready to make a new blog post :)

My fire wizard is doing a lot better than my life wizard making it to Avalon and in Avalon. I will talk more about that in my next blog post that will be posted a little bit later :) I have to say that I love the fire school! Volcano is the strongest spell in the game and it really does help my wizard defeat anything that stands in his way. The only bad thing that has happen is fighting a fire boss. Its not too fun trying to defeat a fire boss with fire minions and putting one convert on at one time. I can't wait to get the convert to all enemies! Here is my fire wizard finally completing Zafaria and defeating Mirror Lake with THE FAMOUS Autumn Dreamwalker!

You are one mean Spider.

Fire Dragon! 

Yes! The entire picture!

Mirror Lake!

I think Efreet was mad..

My new Leopard pet :)


Wait a minute... Are we on T.V. ???

That was fun! I finally completed Zafaria... I wonder if there are any more pictures I should share with you all. Oh wait! There is!

Helephant! Maybe not his big brother, lets say stepbrother? LOL


You shouldn't be rude to the Professor of Magic Morganthe!

x clicks x


That was fun! I hope you enjoyed my post! Keep reading to see where my fire ends up and I will be blogging about my new efreet pet once I get it :) See you wizards around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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