May 5, 2012

Edward Lifegem &. Edward Firegem in Avalon (W101 US)

Hello again!

I wanted to make another post explaining a few things that I have noticed when questing through Avalon on my fire wizard and life wizard. There are a few things that are difficult and a few things that are easy when questing on a Fire Wizard or a Life Wizard.

Edward Lifegem:

Questing on a life wizard means you never die. If you do die, you can't find a heal card or you didn't put much heals in. When I was on the test realm I leveled my life character through Avalon to get my gnome pet. I had to buy a lot of minions and have help because I wasn't great at attacking the enemies on my life wizard. I am better at healing than attacking. Here are a few things I noticed leveling my life wizard through Avalon..

  1. Healing for me was the main thing to do so I wouldn't die. I had a ton of satyr in my deck so I wouldn't die. 
  2. I put a lot of forest lord in too, sometimes it wasn't strong enough for bosses so I put gnomes in. When I had to fight life and it wasn't a boss I didn't put convert on them because it would take too long. Instead I powered my forest lord and hit 2 times to defeat the enemies.
  3. Leveling with life really can help if you don't want to die. If you are leveling with a team it might be way better, if you are leveling alone with your life wizard it might take a little bit longer. I am only saying this with my experience, it might different for you :)

Edward Firegem:

When you quest on fire it is way easier to defeat something. I have been questing on my fire character and so far in Avalon it has been very easy to defeat anything even a fire enemy. (not a boss) If you don't think you can defeat something, use volcano and power it up, I am sure you will be able to defeat whatever you are fighting. Its easy to quest with fire solo and with a team. There are a few things that aren't too good though...

  1. If you didn't train life on your fire character, you might have a hard time trying to defeat a boss. Having satyr really can help your fire wizard.
  2. If you are trying to defeat a fire boss its going to take awhile. Its better to go in with someone else to help you. I had that problem a few times. You have to find convert for the boss. A few times I died trying to find convert for a boss I was trying to defeat in Avalon..
  3. One last thing I didn't like about leveling on my fire was that I didn't have too much resist for the rest of the schools. I had resist for Ice and Storm, and about 9 resist for the rest of schools. Having a pet with resist will really help for the life school or the fire school. The WW gear will work too :)

If you look at it, both schools really have difficulties, they also have advantages. I love all of the schools because there isn't a school that is better than the rest. Have you noticed that? Comment below and tell me if you have :) Thanks for reading everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Anonymous said...

Ya I know it's cool how each school is unique in their own special way :)
Though I know I'll always like the school I started off with atleast a tad bit more than the others :p