May 23, 2012

Pirate101 Blog? to follow!

Hello Pirates!

Most of you reading are probably waiting for a Pirate101 beta invite right? Well it might take awhile until KI sends out the beta invite emails to those who win the Pirate101 drawing. Until then, you all need to check out these great blogs down below! I posted about a few the beginning of this month.. or a few posts ago..  :D

I am really glad everyone is creating these nice Pirate101 blogs! I love reading them. I am starting to read all of them and getting excited for the release! I hope all of you get a beta invite, it may be unlikely for everyone to get one but we can only hope! Now to the blogs/ sites! I hope all of you check them out, I don't know how much wizards and pirates are reading my blog, but I hope a few of you are so you can check out this ONE blog!

The Siren's Call:

This blog is a very great blog that really gets me ready for the release of P101! This blog is an official fansite (to me) I hope it does make it if P101 accepts fansites :) The creator of this blog had a Wizard101 fansite that I loved reading. She stopped blogging on that blog in August which made everyone sad.. I found out not to long ago that she made a Pirate101 blog though! Her recent blog HIAG was a great blog that everyone loved reading. If you know of her recent blog I am sure you will love reading her new blog :) Thank you Autumn for making another great blog :) I can't wait to read more of your posts as you make them! 

I thought I was going to make a post with more blogs, I decided to make this a one blog, blog post? LOL, Anyways.. I hope you check out this blog :) Enjoy!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Aww, so sweet! Tyvm!