May 21, 2012

Wizard101 Test Realm!

Hello Wizards!

Guess what! Kingsisle has open the test realm again and they have Wysteria housing! I'm excited about this new update :) The update notes have quite a few updates that they are adding. Here are a few pictures of the new Wysteria House: Villa Gardens

I am only putting three up because I would like everyone else to have a chance to look at the new house on their own! I make blog posts like these for wizards that can't access the test realm. :) I hope all of you enjoy this new house. To add there are quite a few other updates! To check them out go to this link.

If you see any bugs make sure to click the little bug up in the screen to report them to Kingsisle! Have fun in the Spiral wizards!

~ Edward Lifegem

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