June 23, 2012

Atswel is Complete!

Hello there!

Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem is finally complete. I don't think there will be any other huge updates to the site other than updating the pages a little bit. Do you like the new design/ background and header?? Well I have one person to thank for the header :)

Cody aka PirateSkyrider!  You may have noticed by now that I'm not that great at graphics. I needed help with a new header and Cody said he would be honored to help, I sent him my email and he took time to make this great header for the blog! :) I am very thankful Cody! Thank you a lot :)

If you have noticed there's also Label pictures. Once you click on them you can access the pages.. For example, if you click on the P101 Posts picture you will end up on this link:

This is a place for Pirate101 posts only, please read them if you're from Wizard101. You might start liking them :) It seems like a great game and I haven't even played it yet! I really can't wait to play it, x crosses fingers for P101 Beta key x If I do get the beta key I will make a few posts, if I can to help guide you through. You don't have to read them though, that's exactly why I added the Read More option long ago :) I really can't wait to start blogging about Pirate101.. I think I'm too excited for it :) Oh and you're only going to be a Wizard101 player and you aren't planning on joining Pirate101 I will still blog about Wizard101! That's why its a 50/50 W101, P101 blog! I think everyone should try it out though, you may end up liking it! 

I hope you enjoyed my short post about my new updates. I am really glad the site is complete, maybe I will make the Pirate101 Fansite list, if not its okay :) The updates were needed way before I knew about Pirate101 :) Good luck if you submitted a link! Try your best and make sure you know its not only for being "Official" 

See you all Around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

I have always loved your blog, but it really look awesome now! It looks professional! Good luck becoming official :) You deserve it :)