June 13, 2012

Being a P101 Fansite

Hello there!

Well Blaze Shadowhorn made a comment on my recent post, it was a very great comment because he said that a purpose of a Fansite is the FANS, not because of the popularity. I couldn't agree more! That's why I wanted to make a short blog post about it.

Lets talk about everyone planning on submitting a fansite first.

If you are planning on submitting a link to KI to become an official blog/ site, always remember that its not because of popularity. Being a Fansite is very important and you can't depend on the popularity of it. I'm sure any of the official W101 and soon to be P101 fansiters will agree. Remember always to think about your fans! I always do! I am very glad they followed this site and it makes me feel great about blogging :) I love blogging about my favorite game! The question is.. do you? If you do, go this link to submit your blog/site right away! :)

There are so many wizards and pirates in the Spiral that are official to me when they aren't on the Official Fansite list! Guess who they are... Everyone that loves blogging about their favorite game! If you're not accepted to the Fansite List, keep blogging :) Don't quit blogging because of that, maybe you aren't ready yet. Maybe one day you will be and KI will accept your site :) 

Yesterday I said I had a lot of problems on my blog. I'm sure the first readers of the blog and wizards that joined last year know what I'm talking about. My blog started off to a rocky start. I was blogging every other week and then every other month. I didn't really didn't know if I would like blogging or not. At first.. I did want to become official in the beginning of 2011. I started blogging a little bit more and then found out KI wasn't accepting Fansites. I felt bad, but then a few weeks later I found out that I really did enjoy blogging! I submitted another Fansite Application, time can only tell if I'm accepted or not. If not, like I said already, I will keep blogging. Its something I love doing. I also have great plans for this year :) I know haven't blogged much so far, but get ready! I have big plans that I won't mention yet, I hope you enjoy them :)

I really hope this blog post helped a few wizards & pirates. You all rock! The best game community ever :) 

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Very nice post :) I agree with you :D