June 4, 2012

Blogs/ Sites to follow! June 2012

Hello Wizards!

I have a few Wizard101 sites to tell you all about this month! They are all great sites that I have enjoyed reading and looking at for awhile. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Make sure to follow and read them! I promise you its worthwhile :)

* Diana's Exploration Journal *

This is a great blog that I have been reading for over a year now! Diana has been blogging on this site since January 2011. She is a Theurgist just like me! I think she is a way better life character than I am though! If you would like to read her blog make sure to click on the link below! This blog tells about news around the spiral, a lot of great information and its a gardening blog! Go check it out now :)

* Secrets of the Spiral *

*Cough, cough!* You need to start blogging again Autumn! You made so many great blog posts before with a lot of great information and contests! Her last blog post was on May 16th. She said she was back :P I hope she is only on a hiatus! You should check out her old posts though and maybe new posts hopefully?

* Sorcerer of the Spiral *

Malorn has a great blog up with a lot of great information! I think he puts up the new Kingsisle announcements before Kingsisle does! I really think you should keep checking out his blog. When you hear there might be a new update, you should check out his blog. He will most likely tell you first! Thanks for a great blog Malorn, I have been reading it forever! I read your blog since this one was created! 

I promise all of you that you will love these 3 blogs! I really am glad there are so many great bloggers out there :) There are so many more that I still haven't mentioned. If you have a blog and would like me to mention on a post make sure to comment below! I love telling everyone about new blogs about Wizard101 or even Pirate101 :) 

See ya'll in the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem


M.W.S said...

Geez, wasn't too sure if my blog was worthy to be on your list (due to some things). Sure, I like to repost important KingsIsle news, but I like to add some of my own experiences as well Wizard101-related.

There's plenty more in store for the future, once everything goes to plan this summer and life can get settled for my family and the SOTS! - Thanks Edward appreciate your support my friend, you'll receive the same from me in return when needed.

- M.W.S

Edward Lifegem said...

LOL worthy? I don't even think my blog is worthy of being on my list? haha if that made since :) Your blog is awesome! Yes I understand what's going on, I hope everything gets better. I can't wait! :) Hey you were one of my first followers, that was really nice of you to follow my blog and help me feel better about blogging. I will always be a fan of your blog! Btw.. Your blog is worthy of being on everyone's blog list!