June 9, 2012

Edward Firegem is level 80!

Hello Wizards!

My fire character finally made it to level 80! It took awhile to level him. I am glad he is because I can finally say I have an Archmage wizard. I didn't finish Avalon yet, I am planning on doing that though when I get my membership back sometime later.

Going to show you all a few pictures of him leveling through Avalon. Sometimes it was easy leveling through Avalon, other times it was difficult. One thing I can say is the convert fire to all enemies really does help. (its morning, that's why I don't know the name of the spell lol)

Volcano! (Rain of Fire!)

Hey! That was rude I:


My last minute of being Transcendent Pyromancer!

My first minute of being Archmage Pyromancer!

That was a lot of fun! I might not be blogging about the US server for awhile. I am thinking about going on the UK server to blog about that for awhile, until I get my membership again on the US server :) Please read my posts on the UK server too if you want! I am going to level my level 15 life character: Edward Lifegem 2.0

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Unknown said...

At the beginning it says your character made it to Level 0! Congrats! LOL