June 5, 2012

Edward Legendgem makes it to Zafaria!

Hello Wizards,

The other day I logged into Wizard101 and I was trying to find a quest in Celestia for my balance character. I was looking in every area I could to see where my main quest was. After looking everywhere in Celestia I stopped for an hour or two. I was trying to figure out where I stopped leveling my balance...

I decided to go to my dorm room and then Ambrose to see if I made it to Celestia or not! I have been so far behind on leveling I didn't know where my balance was. He didn't even have a quest for me. I went to Golem Court for a quest on planting instead because I was tired of trying to find a quest that wasn't there. I finally found my Zafaria Entry quest!

Here's a tip to make sure you don't lose your main quest! When talking to someone on your main quest always make sure to accept the quest, don't decline it. I think that's what I did when I stopped level on my balance character. I had the same thing happen when I first started the game.

This was another weird post by, I mean see you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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