June 17, 2012

Help with Blog Cursor!

Hello there!

This post is a post I was planning on making the last month. I hope this post helps everyone. First of all, I will help you with any questions you have down below! Before I get started with how to get a cursor, it may be difficult. Try a couple of times before giving up or ask me a question. I had to keep trying before I finally understood! Good luck :)

How to get a different Cursor:

  1. Before you get started go to blogger.com, don't forget to sign in :) Click on template and then Edit HTML.
  2. Now click on a new page and go to Google Images, make sure to leave your other page (Edit HTML) openhttp://images.google.com/ This is going to be a little example, to show you how to add cursors. Type in: "Pirate Ship" After typing that in, Scroll down and you will see something that says Any Size. Click on Exactly It now says you have to type in a width and height. Type in 32 for both. You will see a Pirate Ship that I had on my blog a few days ago! Click on the Pirate Ship and then click on Full- Size Image - You will have to click fast. - 
  3. Now that you see this, you have to go above and copy the link. Time to go back to the HTML page! This part will be difficult.. You have to find this Keyword: style
  4. Once you find this keyword you will see something that says Cursor URL .... , Progress. You have to post your link right between these 2 words. Here's an example. Cursor url ( http.... ), progress. Once you do this make sure to click Save Template

Once you clicked Save Template you should see a Pirate Ship!! Once you have completed that, you can go and try to find another cursor to place on your blog :) Share and RT there may be Wizards and Pirates out there that really want a new Cursor on their blog :) I hope you all completed that. If you ever need any other blogger tips go to my recent blog post on how to get a Favicon and get rid of the Navabar:

Remember if you have any questions comment below. I will help you! :) I will be on my blog awhile today updating, etc. If I see any new comments I will publish them and I will guide you through! Good luck :)

See ya around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem


Swashbuckler Kyle said...

Hello there matey! I am having trouble finding the word: (style) or (Cursor URL) in the HTML, I got rid of the Blogger Navbar so thank you for that!
Thanks mate!
-Swashbuckler Kyle

Edward Lifegem said...

Hello! Try finding </body instead. Once you find it, you will find the Cursor URL! Good luck :) Tell me if you have any other questions!

Elijah Light Thief said...

Thanks so much for teaching me that!!

Neil thiessen said...

Easier way:
1) Go to Template -> Customize and then Advanced -> Add CSS
2) Paste this into the box and add the link to your cursor image (don't remove url(), put your link inside the parentheses):

body, a, a:hover {
cursor: url(put your image link here), progress;

I've tested this and it works as well.

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you! Wow didn't know that :) Thanks for the easier way. I wish you would have said that when I first put a cursor on my blog, haha :)