June 3, 2012

One blog post promised, another one created?

Hello Wizards!

I decided to make a post today, not the one I thought I would though! I was going to make a post over the cursor I have on my blog and how to get one. I think I will make that post tomorrow afternoon though :) There are so many things going on in the Spiral I can't keep count. Lets see what's going on..

Fansite Contests?? Wow! They are having great contests :) I have been trying to enter all of them. There are so many contests :) Pet-A-Palooza is a lot of fun. Enter the Fansite Contests now! They might not have one about pets in awhile. If you love contests, you need to check out the contests they are having.

-Diary of a Wizard-

Diary of a Wizard is giving out 15 Snowy Cats, 10 5,000 crown codes, 5 10,000 crown codes and 15 energy elixirs! If this isn't a great contest, I really don't know what is! For entries you have to do a couple of things. If you would like to go to this contest, go to the link below!

-The Friendly Necromancer-

Friendly is away, so Bailey is hosting a new contest on the site! They are giving away the Cerise Pixie! This pet has the Unicorn Card. If you're in a battle and you know you don't have any pixie left and you really need a heal and the Unicorn Card shows up I bet you would be excited :) If you would like to enter this contest go to this link! 

-That Pyromancer-

Isaac is having a great contest too with the Scorchzilla! All together he has several codes for crowns, energy elixirs and the pet of course! If you have a fire wizard and you know your fire wizard deserves a pet like this or you just need the extra crowns go to the link below now! :) 

-Legends of the Spiral-

This is a new GREAT fansite that is also having a contest :) They are giving away Blizzard Elf Pets, Energy Elixirs and crown codes! You should check out their site to learn more information about this contest. Have fun :) I think I am going to enter too! You better check this out before it ends!!

-Paige's Page-

Paige is having a great contest too! She is giving away the Bolt Demon, crown codes and energy elixirs! June 1st through the 10th she will be having a Twitter Trivia, today she was giving away so many great things! The last thing she gave away today was a 5,000 crown code! To read more about this post go to the link below!

-A Mythspent Youth- & -Valerian's Schools for Wayward Wizards- 

This is awesome! I had to put these sites together because they are giving away 2 great pets! A Mythspent Youth is giving away Mulberry hounds, Energy Elixirs, a tag game and crowns! Go to the link below to look! 

Valerian is having a great contest with the Prudent Hound! This has a yellow belly and legs, the other one above has a purple belly and legs. Valerian is giving away crowns  (10,000 code crowns and 5,000 crown codes) and energy elixirs! To see this contest go to the link below.

-Ravenwood Radio-

I had to edit my post to tell about the Ravenwood Radio contest too! I think I am tired tonight :) Sorry guys if you are reading! Now.. RR will be giving away Witty Wildclaws, crowns and energy elixirs! Make sure to check out their post! This is going to be a lot of fun :) This is another one of my favorite pets :)

So many links huh? Well I love spreading the news about contests! If I have to put 100 links I will :) I hope you check out all of these contests! I really wanted to post about them so more wizards in the spiral would know. Go! GOOD LUCK! :) Oh and I didn't put some of the other sites because they aren't having one or they stopped :) Ditto had a great one! I missed out on it though, hopefully one day again he would have another like that :)

See you tomorrow!

~ Edward Lifegem

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