June 11, 2012

School mounts! 11 months later.

Hello Wizards!

Remember last year when I made a post about school mounts? Today I just found out that they added one of the mounts I put on the list. If you don't remember, you should go check out last years post below.

I posted this on July 11, 2011. Today is June 11, 2012. 11 months after I put that post something was added. I  hope I can predict mounts @ChrisEarthTamer because if I could I have more this year that I want to add to the list! I hope you guys don't mind another post about school mounts :) 


The mammoth mount! This is the spell I didn't know about last year, if I did I would say that first! Another that they really need to add is the Snow Angel mount (The one that looks just like the main Pegasus) 


I'm still going for Fire Dragon with this mount. I don't really know if I can think of any others. What would you want fire wizards? :)


I am still wanting Leviathan for storm. That would be a lot of fun to ride, this mount wouldn't be on the ground, it would be flying through the air, its like a snake :)


Wait a minute, I can't say Hydra anymore... What about Chimera? ;)


A great myth mount would have to be Basilisk.  This was mentioned by a few wizards. 


This is a difficult one. Life has Unicorn as a mount already.. You will have to comment down below to tell me what you would like added..


Death.. Well this one would have to be the Skeletal Dragon.. not the bone dragon.. the Skeletal Dragon :) That would be an epic mount!

That's all of the school mounts I can name now. Since I don't have time, you should comment down below and tell me what mounts you would like to be added. I really do hope Kingsisle is listening! lol :D

See ya around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem


Autumn DreamWalker said...

Centaur is the only one I can think of for life.

Anonymous said...

Eh, the Death one inst as cool as like a Mammoth. Maybe something different like a Vampire? And it would do animation the sit animation like the owl and in the crown shop it's name would be Edward. :D

MythWiz said...

Orthrus could be an EPIC one for Myth Students. Lol :)

Zardozfl said...

Would still like a phoenix mount or Chariot of fire for my fire char. For life an Ent would be nice. Love the idea of Basilisk for Myth. Death should have a Hellhound.