June 23, 2012

Spiral Parties!

Hello Wizards!

I was going to make this post long ago but I haven't really had time after updating the site to make it look more like a Pirate101 site! How's it looking? :) I am loving the way its looking now :) Anyways.. I will talk about that in the next post!

There have been so many parties in the Spiral! I think I am going to put them in categories explaining each one of them to you and what happened :)

#TwizardCompliments Party!

If you're on Twitter you will know exactly what I'm talking about :) If you don't I'll tell you! We had a few days giving compliments to everyone we wanted to give compliments too! I gave a compliment to the entire community for being great. I think its the best gaming community ever, I hope you do too :) Anthony Deathbane- LOTS - started the #twizardcompliments and I am glad he did, it just made the Spiral way better than it is... wait a minute... I don't think it could get any better, its the best :) Thank you Anthony! 

Talon Nightshade's Blogaversary Party

This is another party that was a lot of fun :) I couldn't stay long but I had just enough time to Pvp! Talon has been blogging since June 3, 2011! He's a great blogger :) Click to see his first post!

Thank you Talon for a great party and here's to more years of blogging :D 

I hope we finish in time before I havetologout lol

Credit goes to Talon for the picture, not my picture :)

Wizards Unite Party!

This party was.. TODAY! This was also a fun party, I had to leave early though. This was a party for Wizards Unite's birthday! I love their site! I'm sorry I couldn't stay long, I had enough time for a little bit of Pvp though :) I hope your site continues for a couple more years too! Check out their site:

Time to go write another post :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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