July 11, 2012

3rd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash

Hello Wizards!

If you haven't heard you will now, there's going to be another Ravenwood Ball/ Birthday Bash! If you don't know what this is... well... ITS THE BEST WIZARD101 PARTY EVER! You'll see if you attend :)

Fallon Shadowblade posted about this event today! She also announced a little something about EPIC contests! Yeah maybe not a little :) This is very nice, you should enter the contests and get ready for them. They are great :) I am going to show you what happened last year, I hope you like it!

Blaze and I in our costumes!

Dance Line!

View of the party once I arrived!

No, this isn't the time of the party this year, but this is the poster I made last year about the 2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash!

I had so much fun last year! I think I will make a new poster and I might submit it again this year :) I was worse at graphics last year, maybe it will be a little bit better this year!! Well I better end this post. For more details about the 3rd Annual Ravenwood Ball & Birthday Bash click the link below!!

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