July 17, 2012

Is Wizard101 too expensive?

This is the question that is spreading around the Spiral. The truth is, it is and it isn't! I have to say it isn't an expensive game. Its my favorite game in the world, so I can't agree its expensive, its just the right amount for a great online game!

Lets start with Memberships..

If you go to the Wizard101 Memberships Page you will notice something that I just noticed today!

Family Membership:

$6.95 each
  - You save 3 dollars per account if you purchase 2 or more 1 month memberships!

1 Month Membership:

- Save a few cents.

6 Month Membership:

- This saves 10 dollars! If you buy 3 $20 dollar gift cards or 6 $10 dollar gift cards
it will add up as a total of $10

12 Month Membership:

$59.95 at the moment originally $79.95 
- This is a huge save! If you bought a $59.95 membership right now you would save $60 instead of buying 12 $10 cards or 6 $20 cards. If you decide to buy the original $79.95 membership you would save $40!

Buying a membership online may be cheaper. Not telling everyone to go buy the memberships online though! There are certain things that you can't get online that you can from the game cards though! If you want a great mount, pets or even robes from a gift card that really makes it equal to buying a membership online :) You have to always remember that Wizard101 AND Pirate101 really does need the money though. They create the game that we love! Even though it seems expensive at times, it isn't! I am glad to play Wizard101 no matter the cost. :) If you do too, you should say the same!

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~Edward Lifegem

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Nerd4 | ashrocks72 said...

The problem is, at times money is hard to get. We can't keep spending our money on this game when it has not as much to offer to the whole of the community, people in UK who play the US don't really get much benefit, it's a matter of waste of money really. Buying online isn't safe either, so we don't need opinions, Edward. We need facts.

I don't want any of you replying to this comment, this was the state of opinion.