July 30, 2012

Welcome back Blaze Shadowhorn!

Hello Wizards!

If you haven't heard the one and only Blaze Shadowhorn is back on Wizard101! He's also going to blog again and play Pirate101 also. He also showed me a site yesterday that I love! Its a really great hopefully soon to be official fansite.

I joined this site yesterday! Its a very fun interactive site and great database site! I'm saying this on my own it looks like it will be a fansite one day. Its filled with a lot of great information and great people. If you haven't joined this site click register once you click on the link above. I hope Kingsisle see's this site, its really a great site :) I've noticed that this site has an official Announcement Page to show any news Kingsisle just announced. They have a great staff for the site: http://www.kingsisleuniverse.com/staff Can't really explain too much more because you will have to see all of the great things they provide you on this site. Congratulations for making such a great site :)

Thank you Blaze for showing me this site and welcome back! You have a lot to catch up on but I'm sure you will receive help if needed :) Can't wait to see you on the game again. Oh and when Pirate101 is released I want to add you, if that's possible :) 

Blaze's Post:

Make sure to go to his blog post and send him a welcome back comment! 

~ Edward Lifegem


Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Thanks for the nice post Ed :) It really touched my heart :) And yes, us at Kingsisle Universe have tricks up our sleeves so watch out in the future ;)


Smileyface said...

Yes, Kingsisle Universe is a great website for sure!! Make sure to check it out!! :)